Surprising Stats About the Gig-Economy


There has been some apprehension about the job landscape as it changes into a more flexible, on-demand environment. While some people are worried about job stability and the lack of certain benefits that come from being a freelance or contract worker, we can no longer deny that freelance is the way of the future. Many statistics validate the rise of freelancing. It’s not only growing in the United States, but workers in Europe and India are jumping on the band wagon as well.


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What Will the Workforce Look Like in 2025?


As the transformation of the workforce brings more flexible alternatives to the traditional, full-time permanent position, it is time for companies to re-think the way they categorize employees. A recent Randstad study of more than 3,100 workers and 1,500 HR and c-suite executives revealed some surprising numbers about how some companies are preparing for this shift.


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How Technology Helps Retail Staffing

In a large retail company, technology has become essential for organizing freelancer staff and their schedules. Staying on a consistent schedule helps to keep everyone balanced and lets managers forecast future needs during certain seasons, months, weeks or even hours of the day. Inconsistent customer service and scheduling can leave sales on the table, something that no business wants.


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