Are You Optimizing Your Workforce?

There are a lot of thoughts running through a retail manager’s head at any point in time. From scheduling employees to balancing inventory levels, it takes hard work to run a successful store. Fortunately, the innovative culture of the digital age we are living in means there are new solutions to make nearly anything work more efficiently. With inventory management systems, managers can stay on top of their inventory and optimize a strategy based on the ebb and flow of business. So why aren’t workforce management systems just as popular?


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Defining the B2B On-Demand and Outsourced Talent Market

Defining the outsourced talent market

We wanted to share a recent research report conducted by Catalyst Investors, who took a look at the on-demand talent market and the rise of the freelancer economy. AllWork has been included among the most important platforms for helping the retail industry leverage the growing freelancer workforce.


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