These 8 Retailers are OPENING stores in the US

While news about the retail industry has had the spotlight on the demise of the larger chain stores, smaller, previously e-commerce focused brands are prime for a takeover of brick-and-mortar locations. These brands know the value of having in-person interactions with their customers and, instead of sticking to online only, are actually expanding into retail offerings around […]

The Workforce of the Future Is Agile

The nature of business has evolved, so the nature of staffing must evolve with it. It’s 2018. The digital age is here, and with it comes an incomparable rate of change. Companies can’t plan ahead using five-year strategies anymore. Even planning a year in advance can be risky.

67% of E-Commerce Brands Have Opened Physical Stores

While you may only be hearing about the doom and gloom of the retail industry lately, there is actually an interesting phenomenon happening behind the scenes. Dozens of popular e-commerce brands are actually opening brick-and-mortar stores and making the move into an interactive, omnichannel experience for their consumers. All in an effort to create a […]