Tips For Considering a Contingent Workforce

By Rob Balfour, VP Enterprise Sales, AllWork  It is a fact that the contingent workforce is changing the game when it comes to the way employee performance is measured. Today’s workforce is a hybrid of seasoned employees working alongside hourly employees that make up most of the jobs that fall into the contingent workforce realm. […]

Why are you still using a staffing agency?

By Rob Balfour, VP Enterprise Sales, AllWork  Nobody knows what your talent needs are better than you. So, if you’re still using a staffing agency, you probably aren’t using the best possible talent for your business. It has become an industry norm for companies to utilize staffing agencies and for staffing agencies to charge you […]

Is it time to change your retail staffing model?

What is the size of the gig-economy? In the past year, it was almost $800 billion in annual spend with roughly 45 million people picking up gig jobs. That is a whopping 30% of the workforce taking part according to Staffing Industry Analysts. If you have not adopted the on-demand workforce model yet, you will […]