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What we do

Talent is the heartbeat of the beauty industry. They are the ultimate influencers. The face of brands at retail. They make sales happen. Without them, sales stop. We help beauty brands and retailers sell more product by making it easier to have the right person, in the right store, at the right time.

We’ve created technology that changes the way you manage your remote team. Our end-to-end platform has been designed to help you increase sales, optimize productivity and improve the ROI of your in-store talent spend.



Use our budgeting tools to quickly set and manage budgets. Track your budget to spend in real-time by store, door, and retailer. Save money, optimize spend, and increase sales.



Manage your workforce from start to finish. AllWork provides scheduling, timesheets, budgeting, sales and productivity reporting, and messaging all in one easy to use platform.



Seamlessly pay freelancers with our integrated  software. AllWork ensures compliance with all local, state, and federal labor laws, and provides benefits and healthcare programs. 

“Optimizing the sales of any product at retail requires a great sales person. AllWork enables brands to manage and optimize talent with the help of simple tools. You’ll wonder how you ever managed retail talent effectively without AllWork.”
— Howard Meitiner, Former CEO of Sephora

How it works

AllWork is the only end-to-end solution that provides software and services for beauty all in one place. We understand the nuances of the beauty industry, making it easier for brands and retailers to connect with talent.

Our platform has been built specifically for the needs of the beauty industry. We provide all the tools you need for scheduling, budgeting, time and attendance, reporting, and payroll and compliance. We replace spreadsheets, texts, paper schedules, emails, and hours of manual processes.

Increase sales by up to 5%.png
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Reduction of Unfilled Shifts

People in the store = sales

Improved Scheduling

Schedule exactly when talent is the most productive

Improve Time & Attendance

The AllWork app has exact to-the-minute time capture

Better communication and education 

Improve engagement with talent on the floor

Real-Time Budgeting

Faster more accurate data = better decisions

Increase AE Sales Time

We give AEs back a day of their time


Our Community

Cosmetic Peeps is a community of over 50,000 beauty professionals and over a hundred beauty brands. This free job platform allows talent, brands, and retailers to connect all across the country and is part of the AllWork solution. 

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