The Future Of Labor

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Author Fred Wilson recently discussed the ever-changing future of the American workforce and what trends will have the largest impact. While we’ve heard a lot about globalization and outsourcing over the past thirty years, the next two big megatrends are starting to emerge. They are the move to an on-demand model for work and the automation […]

Want Customers to Love Your Brand? A Store is Still Key.


While the development of online and mobile shopping experiences have brought extreme convenience and on-demand features to the retail industry, not everything in business should be changed by apps and other digital platforms. Although buying products online is fast, new, and shiny, brands shouldn’t be overdependent on that style of business. Ignoring the value of an in-store experience dismissed the […]

Growing or Shrinking? How Freelancing Will Change in 2017

There has been a LOT of speculation lately about the job outlook for 2017, and you can’t ignore the ever-growing gig-economy and just how much of an impact this will have on job growth and opportunity. Findings from Adobe revealed that one-third of the 1,000 U.S. office workers they polled had a second job and more […]

The Numbers: How Much of the Workforce is in the Gig Economy?

There is a ton of talk today about the ever-changing state of the US workforce, but just how big is the gig economy? How many people make their living as a freelancer? Up until now, we’ve never had a clear picture of just how strong this network is and where and how they’re finding work. […]