Remote Work Has Increased 159% in 12 years
Working remotely is just one of the ways our professional lives have changed as a result of the pandemic....
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The Great Resignation Means More Freelancers
Last year, over 47 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs in a mass exit from the...
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What is a "Freelance Lite" Employee?
This week, Forbes writer Jon Younger touched on an interesting new topic related to the world of flexible...
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C-Suites Agree: Gig Workers Will Substantially Replace Full-Time Employees Within Three Years
This week, management company Mercer released a new report titled “2022 Global Talent Trends Study, ‘The...
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The Top Freelance Jobs In 2022
The number of workers in the US choosing freelance work over traditional 9-5 jobs has exploded in recent...
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3 Contractor Compliance Challenges & How to Avoid Them
If you’re working with a flexible, contractor workforce, then you’ve no doubt spent time...
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Why You Should Partner With an Employer of Record (EOR)
If you are familiar with the world of HR, you may have heard the term “employer of record”....
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"Work From Anywhere" Needs A New Payment Strategy
A great re-shift of the current workforce has changed the way that businesses think about hiring and...
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How Are You Paying Freelancer Expenses?
If you’re working with freelancers, even just a few, then chances are you have found yourself needing...
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Which Industries Have The Most Freelancers And Why?
By: Sophia Elise The Gig Economy has been manifesting steady growth in the last decade. Now, it’s...
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Workforce Trends to Watch in 2022
After such a tumultuous year, there are some top workforce trends that we think will only accelerate...
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35% of Workers Were Full-Time Freelancers in 2021
Work-from-anywhere, the Great Resignation, hybrid work schedules…there is no doubt that the past...
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