What is the Freelancer Economy?
When you hear the word freelancer, many of us immediately think of one specific type of freelance role....
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Google Has More Freelancers Than Full-Time Employees
Yes, you read that headline right. One of the largest companies in the world has more freelancers on...
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Michael Korenkiewicz to join AllWork as they transform Freelancer Payments as a Service
New York, NY, November 16, 2021 – Michael Korenkiewicz will be joining AllWork as Vice President...
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Is Your PEO Set up to Help You Pay Freelancers?
Human resource teams in any business wear many hats. From completing administrative tasks such as payroll,...
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Hiring Shortage? Freelancers can Fill the Talent Gaps
There has been a whole lot of talk lately about the great resignation. The past two years have caused...
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What Are The Penalties For Misclassifying Freelancers?
If you’ve started working with more freelancers this year, your company and your HR department...
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How Technology Can Help You Hire Freelancers
The battle for hiring this year is fierce. A large portion of the workforce is reconsidering their work-life...
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Flexible Payments Mean Happy Freelancers
A lot of things about the way we work have changed over the past year. The pandemic has caused workers...
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Our Top Lessons Learned For Better Retail Freelancer Management
Technology has impacted a lot of things in our daily lives including the way we shop. From customized...
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Micro-Compliance is the Future of Labor Laws
If your company has been paying attention to today’s labor laws, then you know that there’s...
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What’s going on with Prop 22 in California? The answer is complicated.
Gig economy compliance made its way back into headlines with a recent ruling coming out of California....
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Will Freelancers Replace Full-Time Employees? The Majority of Executives Say Yes.
According to a new report released by Ceridian, a human capital management software firm, 62% of global...
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