An Interview With Amanda Domaleczny, VP of Global Sales & Education at TULA Skincare

TULA Skincare is a successful, DTC native, social-first skincare company that creates clean, effective, top-ranked skincare products featuring Probiotics & Superfoods. They have built a fast-growing business in a crowded space by tapping into social media and gained traction as a top Prestige Skincare brand at Ulta with a growing and loyal following.

As the VP of Global Sales & Education, Amanda Domaleczny leads their high-performing retail sales, events, and education teams for several retailers including ULTA, Nordstrom, and Dermstore. Previously at Korres and Drybar, Amanda is a passionate beauty industry leader in the retail and education space.


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The AllWork Guide to Restarting Your Field Team

The past few weeks have been an unprecedented time for brands and retailers. Now that stores are reopening and customers are shopping again, it’s time to put sales talent back into store to drive engagement and increase sales. However, things are different from where you last left them and it requires a new approach to managing your talent that you may not be used to.

That’s why we’ve created a guide for restarting this remote, in-store field team. We’ve laid out some of the best practices that we’ve seen working with over 50 beauty brands and the steps you can take to help ensure success reentering the retail scene.


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Beauty Industry Hiring Resource Guide

While hiring efforts may be at a stand-still for most of the beauty industry, we’ve already begun speaking to many of our clients on how to approach restart and reengage the beauty industry once they’re ready to regroup and get back to retail sales.

Professionally, the industry has certainly taken a hit and many brands may be missing key sales talent when stores reopen. In response, we wanted to share with everyone a curated list of communities and resources, both free and paid, that you and your team can use to find top beauty talent.


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Leadership Tips for Contingent Workforce Managers

Contingent Workforce Managers

By Sophie Elise

As industry needs continue to change, more and more companies are exploring the benefits of a contingent workforce. In fact, as many as 40% of American workers classify as on-demand basis employees, most commonly in the form of freelancers and consultants.

For management, making the transition towards adopting a contingent workforce model entails many considerations. Last week, we established some ‘Tips For Considering a Contingent Workforce’, such as knowing how to maintain control and utilizing technology to build an effective team. Here, we will learn more about how managers can keep their contingent workforce up and running through effective leadership.


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Tips For Considering a Contingent Workforce

By Rob Balfour, VP Enterprise Sales, AllWork 

It is a fact that the contingent workforce is changing the game when it comes to the way employee performance is measured. Today’s workforce is a hybrid of seasoned employees working alongside hourly employees that make up most of the jobs that fall into the contingent workforce realm.

As the hybrid workforce model grows, so does the need to manage it. What I have found most interesting is that only 16% of leaders believe they have an effective performance management process to supervise the contingent workforce. This is not a trend, but a mere fact that companies – especially those that have consumer-facing roles – will be increasing their contingent workforce in the coming years. The most effective way to do this is to transform an existing labor pool or create a specific team of contingent workers that remain working for YOU. In order to get the necessary results from this workforce, maintaining control is a critical component to achieve success. Here are several tips to consider when creating your contingent workforce.


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Writing Job Posts to Attract Top Retail Talent

Writing Job Post

Filling a position and attracting top talent is hard in any industry, but when it comes to retail, it can be especially tough. With 4.6 million Americans working in retail sales, unemployment at historic lows, and a record number of job openings in the retail industry, securing talent is becoming increasingly tough. Cut through the clutter by writing a retail job listing that sells applicants on your company, team, location and all the things that make working for you great. Don’t forget to introduce your company, focus on the details, and convey clear steps of the hiring process.


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What’s The Best Way To Manage Staff During The Holiday Rush?

Managing Workers During the Holidays

When the holiday rush approaches, retailers need to get ready. But while is the time of year when you make the most sales, you need to look after your staff if you want them to perform effectively.

Your staff will need some strong management to get them through the busiest time of the year. Your goal should be to ensure everyone is not only happy and productive as individuals but also performing well as a team too.

Staff management is always important, but it becomes even more important at busy times of the year. Here are some top staff management tips to help you as the holiday season approaches.


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Top Tips for Managing & Financing a High-Growth Staffing Company

Staffing Company

By Scott Winicour, President of Gibraltar Business Capital

Staffing companies, particularly those with a strategic niche such as IT, medical, industrial or warehouse staffing, are positioned to thrive in the current business environment, which supports outsourcing employees rather than bringing full-time employees on board.

A common question that is often asked by small and mid-market businesses including staffing companies is how can business owners successfully manage and finance growth while steering their business and focusing on day-to-day operations?


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Debunking 6 Common Myths About Hiring Freelance Talent

Once associated with more creative fields like music, writing, and design, freelance talent has in recent years expanded into essentially every sector of the economy, thanks to the internet. Even so, many hiring managers rely on old “knowledge” about freelancers in building their teams. Often, this means avoiding freelance talent entirely.

To prove freelancers are worth your time, we’ve debunked six common myths about them:


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How to Recruit (and Keep) Millennial Employees

How to Hire and Keep Millennial Employees

Now the largest segment of the US workforce, Millennials are changing the way companies recruit and retain top talent. In a rapidly growing, competitive job market, Millennials are looking for a job that not only fulfills their salary requirements but one that aligns with their passion. A position usually needs a positive environment, room for growth, and flexibility. These values are listed over and over again on Millennial “must-have” lists. But before you can interview the perfect candidate, the biggest hurdle can actually be the application process itself.


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