How Are You Paying Freelancer Expenses?

If you’re working with freelancers, even just a few, then chances are you have found yourself needing to pay and process freelancer expenses. Whether these are one-off payments for events or supplies or reoccurring expenses that happen say every week or every month, trying to process them in-house can be frustrating.  It isn’t as straightforward […]

Which Industries Have The Most Freelancers And Why?

By: Sophia Elise The Gig Economy has been manifesting steady growth in the last decade. Now, it’s fueled by an influx of highly skilled professionals who are seeking more flexible alternatives to traditional work environments. Companies and hiring managers are well-aware of this and are turning more to freelancers for niche roles and projects that […]

Workforce Trends to Watch in 2022

After such a tumultuous year, there are some top workforce trends that we think will only accelerate in 2022. COVID has changed a lot of things about the way we live and work; it’s also accelerated trends that may have taken decades to evolve. In many ways, we’ve seen 25 years of change in just […]

Is Your PEO Set up to Help You Pay Freelancers?

Human resource teams in any business wear many hats. From completing administrative tasks such as payroll, addressing performance issues, and providing benefits, there are a lot of moving pieces to support their organization. HR challenges can be a burden to businesses and slow down hiring and growth, which is why many companies, especially small or medium-sized […]

Hiring Shortage? Freelancers can Fill the Talent Gaps

There has been a whole lot of talk lately about the great resignation. The past two years have caused full-time workers to reconsider their priorities. A lot of them are coming to the same conclusion and choosing flexibility in their careers and leaving their traditional jobs behind. While this trend towards choosing freelance, flexible work over […]

How Technology Can Help You Hire Freelancers

The battle for hiring this year is fierce. A large portion of the workforce is reconsidering their work-life and moving away from ridged 9-5 full-time roles. Workers are shifting where they want to work — and how. An incredible 59 million people in the US are now freelancing. By shifting to freelancing, workers are getting the […]

Flexible Payments Mean Happy Freelancers

A lot of things about the way we work have changed over the past year. The pandemic has caused workers to reconsider their priorities, creating a mass exodus of full-time employees. A shortage of top talent has left businesses to reconsider the traditional employment structure. As a result, more businesses are turning to freelancers to […]

Our Top Lessons Learned For Better Retail Freelancer Management

Technology has impacted a lot of things in our daily lives including the way we shop. From customized eCommerce to digital customer service reps, none of these would be possible with old, outdated methods. For example, working from anywhere is now possible because of Zoom and Slack and all the other tools that keep the […]

Micro-Compliance is the Future of Labor Laws

If your company has been paying attention to today’s labor laws, then you know that there’s nothing straightforward about them. If you thought that labor laws were complicated before, they’re about to get even trickier to navigate. The newest trend is focused on individual states who are taking it upon themselves to pass and enforce […]

What the World of Freelance Looks Like Post-Pandemic

Now that the pandemic has shown everyone just how easy it is to work remotely and flexibly, more and more employers are planning to stick with freelance, part-time workers even after they return to “normal.” In fact, 60 percent of US business leaders surveyed would prefer to “share talent” with other companies, and 60 percent […]