How to Streamline Your Freelancer Onboarding Process

Over the past year, companies of all sizes continue to work with more and more freelancers to help them run their business across all types of job functions, diverse skill sets, and departments.  If fact, in 2020 there were 64.8 million freelancers in the US. By 2027, that number is expected to hit 86.5 million, accounting for […]

What is a Freelancer Management System (FMS) and Why do You Need One?

Hiring, overseeing, and managing a flexible team is very different than the day-to-day management of traditional, 9-5 employees. Full-time employees tend to have set schedules and salaries and are, more likely than not, located in the same place as the rest of your team. Freelancers are exactly the opposite. They work on constantly changing projects […]

The Biggest Freelance Trends for 2021

By Sophia Elise Nowadays, lots of companies are relying more on freelancers. It is happening across all industries, with the fields of accounting, finance, engineering, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, logistics, and even life sciences — just to name a few. Even big companies are now hiring freelancers—a departure from longstanding tradition that established businesses need full-time, […]

Even Big Businesses are Hiring More Freelancers

One of the most significant US workforce shifts to come out of the past year is the growth and popularity of freelancing. As more high-skilled individuals choose to freelance during the COVID-19 pandemic, big businesses are starting to pay attention. Just how large is this shift? 12% of the U.S. workforce turned to freelancing for the […]

Limited Travel to Stores? We Have You Covered

The past few months have upended all of our daily routines and changed how most companies are able to run their business. For a brand that has relationships with retail partners around the country, one of the largest challenges has been restrictions on travel. Now that stores are beginning to reopen, you’ll need to provide […]

59 Million Americans Did Freelance Work This Year

Accelerated by COVID-19 and an uncertain job outlook, more than a third of the American workforce did some freelance work on the side this year. According to a new Freelance Forward report released on Tuesday by Upwork, this means 59 million Americans are now freelancing. This number is up by more than 2 million from 2019.

Retail Needs Top Sales Associates, Now More Than Ever

The total upheaval of the retail industry over the past several months has made the industry question just about everything. While some stores are just starting to get back on their feet, and others are in a state of flux, it’s still important to be thinking about the next steps. As customers begin to return, […]

The AllWork Guide to Restarting Your Field Team

The past few weeks have been an unprecedented time for brands and retailers. Now that stores are reopening and customers are shopping again, it’s time to put sales talent back into store to drive engagement and increase sales. However, things are different from where you last left them and it requires a new approach to […]

Succeeding at Retail: 10 Best Practices You Should Adopt Now

As COVID-19 continues to impact the retail industry, the AllWork team has been working closely with our brand partners and while most retail locations across the country remain closed, we’ve used this time to take a look back at what we have learned over the past year from working with over 50 beauty brands. We […]

The Future of Flexible Work: a conversation with our CEO Glenn Laumeister

The HUGE growth of the gig economy has created challenges for companies. All of a sudden, they needed to figure out how to manage this new flexible workforce. That’s where AllWork comes in. In the latest UpTech Report, our CEO Glenn Laumeister, discusses the platform we built to help manage a 21st-century workforce. Here are […]